Go Kart Racing near Albany, NY

Go-karts are great fun for those who can’t legally drive cars yet, and for those who can’t help but feel a need for speed! We have single and double go-karts available, powered by reliable Honda engines. Go-kart racing is great fun for adults and children. If your child isn’t 56 inches or taller, an older friend or family member can drive them! They may not be in control, but they can still come along for the ride.

go kart racing Albany, NY
birthday parties Albany, NY

Pricing for great summer activities

One ticket gets you several minutes on the track. If you’re feeling ambitious or here with a group, a pack of five tickets for $30 is our best deal. Remember, you must be 56” or taller to drive.

  • Single: $7.00
  • Double: $9.00
  • 5 tickets for $30.00
  • Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Combo: $12.00
Our Special Deal: Mini Golf and GO Kart combo: $12

Our kids’ activities are great fun for any age! Come here with a date for a little harmless competition or bring your friends and family members to race it out. Like more information? Stop by for some fun today!

birthday parties Albany, NY
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